The Web Project Guide

From Spark to Launch and Beyond

Building and managing a web project is a big, complex process — one that branches far beyond the phases directly in front of us.

On one hand, there’s the multi-disciplinary nuts and bolts work of creating the site itself. But beyond that, there’s the connective points — the ideas, the strategy, the decision making, and the upkeep. Even if you’re an expert in your field, it can still be a struggle to find context across the entire project landscape.

With The Web Project Guide, we want to bridge those gaps to help understand how each stage of the website process fits in with the next.

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Episode 9: Develop a Strategy for Your Content (w/ Kristina Halvorson)

Corey and Deane talk a little about that time Kristina Halvorson (founder of Brain Traffic, co-author of Content Strategy for the Web, and executive producer of Confab and Button) visited Sioux Falls. Then, Kristina chats with us about content strategy — defining content strategy vs. content design, what tasks are often overlooked, and some basics on spinning up an internal web content team — including a bit of conference talk about the upcoming Button Conference.

40:31 | Kristina Halvorson

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Introducing: The Web Project Guide Podcast

Introducing: The Web Project Guide podcast, the natural extension of our quest to provide context and understanding to the complexities of a web project.

The Web Project Guide on Optimizely's Content Intel

Deane and Corey joined Optimizely's Content Intel podcast to talk about The Web Project Guide.

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Corey Vilhauer

Director of Strategy, Blend Interactive

Deane Barker

Senior Director of Content Management Strategy, Optimizely

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Don't just read this book—use it, internalize it, and trust it. The Web Project Guide details a comprehensive approach to making the modern web experience, from scoping through strategy, design through development, and to launch and beyond.

- Margot Bloomstein, author Trustworthy: How the Smartest Brands Beat Cynicism and Bridge the Trust Gap

While not all strategic digital efforts start with a website redesign project, if yours does, this should absolutely be your go-to manual, ready to dog-ear, fill with post-it notes, and consult regularly!

- Hilary Marsh, President & Chief Strategist, Content Company, Inc.

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The Web Project Guide is a product of Blend Interactive, Inc - a web development agency in Sioux Falls, SD. Blend is a team of around 20 project managers, strategists, technical experts, designers and developers who specialize in creating web solutions that produce results.  

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