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The Web Project Guide joins Content Strategy Insights podcast

November 30, 2022

The Web Project Guide’s Corey Vilhauer and Deane Barker joined Larry Swanson on the Content Strategy Insights podcast to talk about all things The Web Project Guide — how the book came to be, how it ties to the work of building websites, and what's next as the book expands into the podcast space.

The good news about this one: there's a VIDEO of the entire episode!

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From the transcript:

I got to say, the way you’re just describing this is one of the things I was thinking about after we got rolling is, there’s so much change in the world these days, and one of the things that’s changing is the way people publish and share information, and a lot of it’s like what I think Noz Urbina would wrap up is omnichannel delivery and stuff, and so you’ve done a website and then a book, and now a podcast, was that planned or is it, that’s just how the world is, so that’s just how you did it?

I don’t think we planned it specifically. I just have always wanted to do a webs or a podcast, because I like to hear myself talk, and I know Deane also likes to hear himself talk, so I thought it was perfect, but I think when we were initially looking at what this might look like when it went to print, when we actually physically printed copies of it, Deane talked a lot about, “How do we make this not a book?” A book is not really a book anymore, a book is links to videos, it’s chapters, we have a glossary on the site. It’s all of these different pieces that kind of branch out everywhere, so it becomes this crazy web project, multimedia empire, but there’s also only so much time. So the podcast is pretty much kind of, we can wrap our minds around the podcast.

This is worth mentioning too, is that Corey and I both came to this realization while we’re putting it together, but a book, if you have a domain of information you want to convey, a book is probably not the best way to do that anymore. And I say that as a guy who’s written four of them, but people sitting down reading a long form book, it’s just not the best way to get the information out there. Now the problem is, and this is going to be very naval gazing into our industry, there is an enormous amount of cache value in having written a book. I wrote the O’Reilly book, the O’Reilly animal book on web content management. I wrote that six years ago and it has reverberated through my career very positively for the last six years, and writing a book, being a published author, that’s a big deal.