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Why The Web Project Guide Matters

March 10, 2021

The Web Project Guide … er … project is finally finished. From here, the site moves into the official publishing process.

But for now? It’s here, for free, and we believe it’s still an incredibly important document. We believe The Web Project Guide matters.

In fact, last year, co-author Corey Vilhauer wrote a blog post on his blog, Eating Elephant, explaining just exactly why it matters.

From that post “Why The Web Project Guide Matters”:

Within each industry, there is a language. Auto mechanics. Librarians. City planners. The people who stock stereos at Best Buy. Each of these unique jobs employs an understood cadence, vocabulary, and shorthand.

Likewise, within each industry, there is a process. Auto mechanics have known and repeatable best practices to overhaul an engine, and they understand the different parts and stages that go into ongoing vehicle maintenance.

Both of these — industry language, and industry process — create a kind of line that can be difficult to cross. They create separation between those who know and those who don’t. In some cases, this is okay — most of us don’t need to know how the stereo section at Best Buy is organized, or what a city planner does day-to-day; the results are enough.

But in some industries — especially in the industries we rely on for some kind of service — it creates a lack of confidence. At times, it manifests as actual fear.

Check out the full post at Eating Elephant.