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The Web Project Guide joins the Agile Digital Transformation podcast

September 29, 2022

The Web Project Guide’s Corey Vilhauer and Deane Barker joined Tim Butara and the Agile Digital Transformation podcast to talk about the process of writing the book, the web project process itself, and the role of agility when moving toward a successful launch.

Corey and Deane talk through how the book started — and the steps that led to the podcast — followed by a discussion around the factors that impact a web project — from content and translation to the role of agility and the website’s place within the larger digital landscape.

Agile Digital Transformation PodcastFrom the transcript:

Tim Butara:

I’ve been wondering, at what point should we stop just treating it as the web project and maybe start treating it in a more integrated manner, as a digital project, or a digital experience project?

Corey Vilhauer:

A web project is part of a digital experience project. I think it’s important to treat them both as they are. You need to make the larger digital experience project plan, but also know that the website is its own thing. You don’t create software and you don’t create databases and you don’t create social networks and sharing platforms in the same way you create a website, they’re different elements within a larger concept.

So they should always, obviously, be created, when possible, as a part of that overall project. But a lot of times, and I think Deane was sort of alluding to this, the issue that– small steps are better than being paralyzed by the larger project. If all you can get through is a web project, then it’s better to get that web project through than it is to be, like, wait, hold on, we need to get our entire digital experience thing figured out. Eventually, websites can be pretty easily integrated within a larger digital digital experience given, obviously, the right time and budget. But as long as you know that the web project is a smaller part of the digital experience and not completely separate from, I think you’re probably starting off pretty well.

Huge thanks to Tim and the team over at Agileddrop for having us on!