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The Web Project Guide at Boye & Co.

August 26, 2021

The Web Project Guide authors Corey Vilhauer and Deane Barker were both guests of a special member conference call for Boye & Co., an educational professional networking group primarily focused on the world of tech and web development.

During the 30-minute conference call, Corey and Deane talked about the book, took questions from members on the call, and walked through the difficulties of writing a book like this in the first place.

From Boye & Co.'s blog post, "Understanding The 24 Phases Of Web Projects":

Getting into digital can be an intimidating and hard world to break into. Where most existing books are focused on those who are already doing it, this book aims to enable you to go deeper in your understanding of actually doing web projects.

As it was said during the call paraphrasing the famous Donald Rumsfeld quote:

"Take the unknown unknowns and explain to you what it is."

In praising the book, Arild Henrichsen from Epinova in Oslo said:

"I like that the book is totally technology agnostic - the concepts are evergreen on their own."

The book is written for you if you have not done many web launches before. Whether you are in marketing, communications, or IT, you’ll hopefully the book valuable.

Learn more about Boye & Co.'s model. Or, catch the full video within the blog post.