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It's Here! The Official Launch of The Web Project Guide!

September 24, 2021

It’s official: The Web Project Guide is officially launched, released, and Amazon-ready.

While the book has been available for a few months, now we can consider it officially launched with its inclusion within Amazon. This is good news for three reasons:

  1. Amazon’s a big deal, and people will see the book. This is very exciting for us.
  2. This enables better options for international shipping. While it was super expensive to ship from our office in Sioux Falls, it’s much more reasonable to ship through Amazon. Which means — HEY EUROPE, WE GOT YOUR BOOKS OVER HERE!
  3. Amazon Kindle Unlimited users have automatic access to The Web Project Guide as an e-book!

As a recap: you can still order the book directly from us. But, if you want to go through Amazon, that’s still an option. Thanks for all of your support so far.

Also don’t forget to give the book a big five-star rating over on Amazon!